Ramin Saberzadeh is an ex-martial artist turned bodybuilder. He is self educated in the research of nutritional and neutracutical, molecular neurochemistry, as well as biochemistry.

          At a young age, he wanted to know the answers behind the functioning of the human body and mind. He started off from nowhere, not knowing what he was doing, when a thought occurred to him - how would one reverse engineer a human being from scratch? Beginning from cells, cell membranes, mitochondria and so on, he learned each function of the pathways, receptor sites and hormones which dictated the human body. He began on a journey of insatiable passion, thrust into a constant and continuous desire for knowledge. He decided the most important part of the body was assuredly the mind and became heavily involved in neuromodulation and neurotransmitter enhancement.

          Arriving to that conclusion happened when Ramin was training clients in the late 1980's. He saw that people had a tendency to fall off the wagon in only a few sessions. They lacked persistence, consistency and dedication. He had to create something to improve the human brain, so his clients could do more and be more. To cause a change that would help people work out every day. He began creating formulas that have the beneficial effects of creating motivation, willpower and a willingness to act that cannot be normally achieved by the regular human mind. Ramin started mixing formulas together on his own and saw that he could achieve all those things with no side effects, only benefits that surpasses the effect of pharmaceuticals. He figured out that creating natural nutritional supplements could hit different pathways and receptor sites in the brain that pharmaceuticals failed at.

Ramin's 5 Keys to Achieve Success

  • Applied knowledge through behavior modification

  • Repetitive consistency

  • Nutrition and Diet

  • Nutritional supplements/nutraceuticals

  • Almost daily exercise

Cause and effect of the synergy of these keys result in the changing of a person's basic habits, which produces LIFETIME results. It is Ramin's mission to help anyone and everyone who wants to change their lives and become the best versions of themselves.