Our number one goal here at Exotic Image Fitness is to help you eliminate/minimize body fat, boost your metabolism and get you to where you want to be. As long as you stay on track and commit to the regimen, you will definitely get the results we know you can achieve. 


Check out what people have to say about us on Yelp! or read a few testimonials below from actual clients that have joined Exotic Image Fitness and have gotten results from our program:



in May of 2008 I weighed 405 pounds! I had zero energy and would and could fall asleep as soon as I sat down. I even fell asleep driving a couple of times. After a terrifying visit to the doctor, besides having high cholesterol and even higher blood pressure, it was discovered that I also had a heart that was enlarged and under a tremendous amount of stress due to my excessive weight. I decided then and there to make some radical changes in my life. So six months later I had lost 75 pounds, but I didn't really feel any better, and I still wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror. Six months after that I hadn't lost another pound despite doing everything I had done the previous six months. I was so frustrated by my stagnant progress I was considering throwing it all away. Then I met Ramin at Exotic Image Fitness. After telling him my story, he told me that not only could he help me lose the rest of the weight that I needed to but that when he was done with me I would need surgery to remove the extra skin. Well I said to him, "yeah sure and where is the bridge you want me to buy?", but I still joined his program. It was the best descision I ever made. Not only did Ramin's program and guidance help me lose another 130 pounds, not only have I kept the weight off for over a year now, not only am I in the best shape that I have ever been in, not only did I go from six different blood pressure medications to just one, not only has my cholesterol and all other vital bloodwork numbers been significantly reduced, not only did I eventually have the skin removal surgery, not only am I thrilled with what I see in the mirror, but my heart was retested a year and a half after joining Ramin's program and was found to have been COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! All signs of enlargement and stress had been completely reversed, much to mine and many other doctors shock. Calling Ramin a trainer is like calling the ocean a little damp. His knowlegde of nutrition, exercise, and human bio-chemisty is so vast it has proven to be absolutely invaluable to me and so many others. So even after all that I have accomplished I still come to Ramin's everyday because I know that Ramin's program is not just about losing weight and becoming healthy, it is also about staying that way!”​


Todd Mines 01/11/2012

Exotic Image is a gym that has changed my life not once but twice. The first time I joined, back in 2001, I was an obese 21 year old who did not know one thing about weight loss. The only thing I knew was about weight gain and overindulgence in the types of foods I ate. In a matter of 3 months, Ramin helped me loose 62lbs. The process was difficult but ever so rewarding. My body was completely transformed, along with my attitude. Ramin taught me how to properly lift weights, which I never did in the past. He also planned a proper diet, and nutritional supplementation specifically for me. I maintained my weight off for the next five years.

The second time I joined Exotic Image it was after I completed medical school and gained a lot a weight. This was due to late night studying and midnight Taco Bell runs, combined with a lack of exercise. I was so upset that I gained the majority of my weight back but Ramin promised that the weight would come off. After completing medical school I realized that the biochemistry Ramin knew was at a Ph.D level. He could have been a professor at my medical school! The supplementation that Ramin provides is one of the keys to successful weight loss. This will radically help improve ones progress with weight loss, and/or muscle gain. Combined with a customized diet, proper exercise, and behavior modification, results will be seen in the first month of joining the gym. I highly endorse Exotic Image as a gym and lifestyle, as it changed my life and health for the better. If you commit 100%, Ramin will change your life forever!


Veeral Gajjar, M.D. 11/11/2009


I started working out at Exotic Image 8 months ago without knowing anything about the program but it didn't take long for me to realize that this place is much more than a gym. I am convinced this was the best decision I could have made to improve my overall well-being.

As an attorney, I am programmed to analyze everything and make decisions based on facts. The fact is that after 8 months of training, I not only look and feel better, but more importantly, I understand why. And this is where Exotic Image sets itself apart from other gyms - Ramin educates us about the human body and how diet and exercise changes how we look and feel.

But what really makes this place special for me and keeps me coming back is the people and non-judgmental environment. After working in an office all day, nothing makes me feel better than working off the stress while being surrounded by other motivated people. I am continually inspired by fellow students.

I have always been an athletic person but training here has really helped me take it to the next level and challenge myself in a healthy and focused environment. I have finally quit smoking and feel like I'm in charge of my life again. Thank you Ramin!"


Osheen Lucasian 12/23/2011


It has been a pleasure being a member of Exotic Image. This is round two for me. I lost 20+ lbs the first time I was here, i.e. in 2009.

I recently joined Exotic Image again and have successfully lost 18+ lbs in 2 months.
Ramin really takes pride in the work he delivers. His skill set is delivered on an individual basis. It is NOT a one plan for all. Ramin will work with you, for you.

In the beginning, you will find the regimen a bit tough, but slowly and steadily, as you gain pace and knowledge (Ramin will educate you as you go), there is nothing stopping you.

The regimen does, no doubt, require a lot of discipline and hard work. I am good with coming to the gym every day. The tough part for me has been to discipline myself to remain in Ketosis. With time, I believe I have gotten better, and have thus been able to see the change in me. Additionally, if you take the required supplements, you will see amazing results.

Ramin will argue with you at times and I have gotten frustrated with him more than once, but then I step back and reflect that there is a reason why he is the trainer and I am the trainee :)

With time and discipline, you will see a change, for the better. I thank Ramin a lot for helping me lose my weight and wish him much success, now and always."


Malika Timrat Grewal 12/15/2011


A friend of mine had been going to Exotic Image for about a month and within that timeframe her body change was remarkable. She never had to say a word to me about having to join to look that good. I just knew. So I joined Exotic Image October of 2000 and within a couple weeks, my body was showing signs of remarkable changes. All I had to do was show up and do the workout that he recommended and it was a combination of technique and consistency. There are so many facets of Exotic Image that you would have to meet Ramin Saberzadeh to just get a taste of his knowledge and experience. I go to the gym, I do the workout and the new way of eating and my life has been changed forever. Ramin is not only my trainer but also my dearest friend. I owe him so much there are no words that can express how I feel about him and how he’s changed my life."


Michelle I. Cinquemani 12/14/2011


I started going to Exotic Image two and a half years ago, my life has not been the same since. Ramin personalized a workout, diet, and recommended the necessary supplements for my needs and my personal goals. Within two months of working out at Exotic Image my body had already began to change. My strength had increased over 200%.  I went from barely being able to curl 10 lbs 10 times, to curling 20 1bs for 10 sets of 10 with ease. Ramin has continually gone above and beyond to help me in every way possible. After I had moved out of state for college, Ramin made himself available to me daily over the phone providing a workout routine and answering any and all questions I had.  Ramin’s program and guidance transformed my body and helped me to modify my behavior for the better. I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’m only progressing further. Getting results myself and witnessing the results of Ramin’s  program on the lives of countless others has instilled in me complete confidence in Ramin’s knowledge and ability to transform people’s lives."


Jonathan R. 12/30/2011


In December of 2009 I found myself out of breath from bending over to tie my tennis shoes. At that point I knew I needed to do something. I had put on 5 pounds each year for the last 8 years and found myself weighing in at 240 pounds. I had a gym membership that I never used, because in reality I didn't know how to effectively. I interviewed several trainers before settling on Ramin at Exotic Image. Ramin took a whole body and lifestyle approach to my weight and fitness problem. Within six months I was down to 205 and was in better shape than I had been in years. I have continued to train with Ramin and have dropped below the 200 level and can see 185 in my future. Thanks to the knowledge Ramin has given me about my metabolism and the effects of supplements and different foods in combination with my weight training I am healthier today than I have been in many, many years."


Dan Rigney 12/28/2011


My name is Bikram Ahluwalia and I am 24 years old. Before coming to Exotic Image I had heard about the great results my family and friends were getting. Since joining I have seen significant gains not only physically but mentally as well. By following the plan that was custom designed for my body type and lifestyle I am starting to see drastic changes in the way my body looks and feels on a daily basis, giving me the mental backing to achieve my goals. Ramin is hands on and is a great motivator for those days when you feel like you can't push any more. The environment at Exotic Image is very tight knit where people cheer you on, no matter if you have been there for years or just joined that day. All in all I can't see myself going to another gym.
Best regards"

Bikram Ahiuwallas 12/30/2011

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Love that I don’t have to do cardio.
Fun environment.
You can’t cheat because Ramin will know you did (which is a good thing) Meal suppressants are awesome.
Hate taking the supplements but that’s about it."


Gaby Arevado 10/22/2009


Ramin has developed an individualized program to meet my needs and he's always there to encourage me, listen to me and educate me. This is beyond diet and exercise and it-isn't what you see advertised on TV. It takes a lot of effort and hard work but no shots, no surgery and no frozen meals required.

This is the first and only program that works for me. It involves commitment to making a life style change which I am doing and it's changing my life. You have to do it to believe it.
My physician was stunned with the improvement in my lab work after five months on the program. Studies are normal for the first time in many years. I was skeptical at the start but I'm amazed too. I am a Type 2 diabetic on insulin- now I'm working on eliminating insulin completely, improving my HDL and reaching my fitness and weight loss goals.

The atmosphere at the gym is ideal. It's focused and easy-going at the same time. We are all there to work hard and we all appreciate each other's success.

I sleep better, I wake up rested and I'm energized throughout the day. This is the opposite of how I used to feel.

My family is amazed to see my toned arms and the appearance of a waistline. Even the lady at the dry cleaners"


Barbara Berkson 12/12/2011


Ramin (Exotic Image) takes a very unique yet effective approach to weight loss and muscle growth.

As one can see, he has been very successful himself being a body builder.

His approach to weight loss worked well for me to lose 22 pounds in 1 month. He mixes natural vitamins effectively with specialized diets he comprises for you. He changes your biochemistry and at the same time teaches you efficient techniques to maximize muscle growth and aid weight loss.

It's now 2 months later, and I can actually say that I've kept the weight off and continue to work out.

My entire eating habits have changed to the better, and I would love to thank him for that. I actually cannot ever see myself going back to my old unhealthy eating routines.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend everyone, whether you're fat, skinny or just want to gain muscle, to use Ramin's guidance and techniques to change your life.

Thank you Ramin!



Jack Kajian 10/30/2009


Been a part of Exotic Image its been an experience that its really hard to express in few words, since I joined almost 10 years ago I have seen nothing but improvement not just my body, but mind and most important my health.

I have learned so much about nutrition and how my body works based on Ramin knowledge, hes very dedicated and takes your personal goals as hes own, He's always there for you, he patiently explain what you need to know, he's very unique no other trainer knows what he knows I have seen many people came from other known trainers and the results that we get from Ramin at Exotic Image are way beyond experienced before.

I want to be part of this for as long as I live, I feel my life is so much better when I take care of myself with someone that knows more that to make you look great, but your health its at its best,

Ramin I have no words to thank you for all your efforts and dedication."


Patricia Olvera 12/27/2011


I am Manjula Malik. I have been suffering with from obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure most of my life. Ten years ago u joined Exotic Image, and it has completely changed my life. At the age of 52,1 feel my best. I have dropped nearly fifty pounds and my blood pressure and diabetes are both in control without taking a single medication. Ramien is a genius and this place has changed my life in many positive ways. Ramien in Exotic Image has the ability to change people’s life, he not only helps you lose the weight but he helps you maintain the weight by giving you proper nutrition and the proper supplements and behavior modifications which helps you lead the healthy life style that everyone deserves. My weight and my health is well maintained here and I recommend everyone to be a part of this fat loss program and enjoy the well being life!

Thank you,"


Manjula Malik 12/16/2011


Ramin has been my personal trainer and friend since the middle of 2000.
I could not be happier with his training and my progress overall. Ramin is a smart trainer; highly responsive to my individual needs. Ramin has helped me improve my overall health, by which I mean strength, endurance, muscle tone and mass. Ramin has taught me the fundamentals of lean muscle mass and the most effective way of getting there. His unique regimen is physically and mentally challenging and has exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Ramin to many others in the past and I highly urge you to consider him if you are looking for a trainer/mentor who gets results."

Marko Dimoski


My name is Nancy Fernandez, I began my life changing journey at Exotic Image on September 09, 2009. Since then it has been nothing but success, Ramin is not only a trainer and throughout the years I have learned that. I can honestly say that since I started my time here my body has never looked this good and especially I have never felt as healthy as I do now.

At first I didn’t believe that I’d get the results that I was looking for, however my whole perspective changed quickly. I saw the drastic results fast and in the healthiest way possible.

Ramin does not only focus on changing your physical appearance but he works towards modifying your behavior. If you only focus on your appearance you are limiting yourself to a tiny part of this program. It is important that you get your physical done by your physician before you start on your regimen at this gym. Once you begin you will be astonished with the remarkable changes you will see, after a few months you should get your blood work done again and you will see the drastic difference. I have seen tremendous improvements every single time I’ve brought my blood work to Ramin.

This place is not only for a person that wants to lose weight, it’s made for those who seek to maintain their weight loss under control and feel healthy while doing it.

Joining exotic image has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, I can vouch for this place as an effective weight loss and weight maintenance facility.

Very truly yours,"

Nancy Fernandez 12/19/2011


"Of the many diet and weight loss programs I have tried over the last thirty years, this is the most effective. I have now been on the program for only four months. For the first two months, I did no dieting, only daily exercising to improve my strength and endurance. After two months, I began dieting and started taking supplements specifically recommended for me. I now have more energy than I have ever had, and sleep better than I have ever slept. Unlike any other program I have tried, this one has eliminated my appetite and allowed me to both quickly and easily lose weight. I have now lost 25 pounds in less than 60 days with none of the hunger pangs typically associated with dieting. The daily exercise part of the program has increased my physical strength and endurance. In just over four months, I am probably in better physical condition and health then I have ever been my entire life. I recommend this program to everyone who is serious about losing weight, getting in shape and becoming healthier. I know that if I fail to lose the 50 to 65 pounds I need to and want to lose, and to keep if off, it will not be because this system failed. It will be because I failed. You cannot truly appreciate this program until you have been on it for several months. I have been overweight most of my adult life, but in only four months this program has reversed years being overweight and out of shape."

Clint Erickson 12/15/2011


"About a year ago, I decided to join Exotic Image after witnessing my sister- in-law lose weight and get in great shape. She looks amazing and she told me and my mother all about this place. She provided me with Ramin's phone # and suggested that I give it a try. I was hesitant because over the years, weight loss has been a constant struggle and I have tried practically every diet and exercise routine without much success. My mother and I joined and we are now on our 2nd year. Today, I am happy to say that I am 40lbs lighter and I'm still losing thanks to Ramin's weight loss program. I began by following Ramin's diet plan and hit the gym 5-6 times a week at least 30 minutes each day. I saw noticeable results after just a few weeks, the clothes weren't so tight and the scale showed positive results. I also started to feel more active, energetic, and healthy. I like that I have been able to maintain the weight off even while I was on vacation for about 2 weeks. The changes continue and besides losing a substantial amount of weight, I have also toned by body and improved my appearance. I have gained more confidence and it feels great to receive compliments from friends and family on a regular basis as they notice the changes. I feel that sticking to this program has also taught me how to control my eating habits and a great deal of discipline. I found this program easy to follow and the results have been life changing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight and who is in that constant struggle as I was with my weight."

Gabriela Lera


"When I was 171 walked into a gym and met a man that changed my life. I didn’t know it then hut the principals and discipline I learned have continued to make me grow stronger and healthier both mentally and physically.

Ramin Saherzadeh the man whom I owe so much to asked me to write a testimonial to his gym and lifes work Exotic Image. A task which I gladly accepted. Ramin is responsible for turning me from a young skinny boy to a mature wise healthy man. While I trained at Exotic Image for more than a year I was in awe of Ramin’s knowledge and devotion to changing people’s lives. From his passion I became immersed in health and fitness, training and dieting every day with a caring resourceful trainer helping every step of the way. Within a few months of hard work and dedication Ramin turned me from dreamer to a do-er. I had done it. Taken my body and mind from a place of “I cant’s” to you bet you’re a-- I can’s”. A principal that has stuck with me since that moment.

I have been through a lot of ruff times, as I’m sure many people have. But I learned that year that a man measures himself not by the challenges life throws at him but by the way he handles himself in those situations. I have been knocked around by life many times over the last ten years, but every time I feel like I’m down for the count I look up in my minds eye and see Ramin standing over me pushing me to be greater than I thought I could be and rise above remember my training. So on my 27th birthday I visited Ramin at exotic image. We had our usual friendly exchange but for the same grateful reason I write this testimonial on our goodbyes I looked him in the eye and said with the deepest reverence “thanks again for everything, I couldn’t have done it without you.”"

Adam Strauss 11/25/2009


"Ramin has completely changed my life,...he helped me lose weight and reshaped my body faster than anything I have ever tried.

He is an experienced trainer who knows how to get results.

In a miracle of less than 3 months, I have lost the belly fat from pregnancy that I've straggled with for years!

I've already lost 15 lbs and dropped two dress sizes.

My body is toner than it has been in twenty years, and my energy level has increased significantly.

My only regret is not finding about and starting Ramin's program sooner!!!!!!!!!!"

Poi Wong 12-16-2011


"I am on my 2nd year at Exotic image and the results so far have been life changing. I have lost over 40 lbs and I am still losing. I began with an exercise routine 5 to 6 times a week and then incorporated a diet plan, the combination allowed me to shed the pounds easily. The difference was noticeable just after a few weeks; I also began to feel more active and alert. I am thankful to Ramin because after running some blood work with my doctor, the results indicated that my liver enzymes, creatinine and other levels in my system were too high. He immediately advised me on how to correct the problem by modifying my diet and adding supplements, 4 weeks later blood work showed great improvement. I feel healthier day by day and I also feel comfortable because he is always looking out for the well being of each individual. I will continue with Exotic Image because Ramin has been a great influence on my health and my weight loss."

Silvia Aivarez 01-03-2012


"I lost 40 lbs working out with Ramin!
By following His program I felt super-charged with energy!
Normal again and feeling energized Naturally with No Afternoon Slumps!!
My metabolism kicked in and started working like it is supposed to!
I started dropping lbs & inches very quickly!
But Best of all is that I did it without any Cravings! My body felt completely satisfied without the urge to binge on sweets or chips!!
Ramin's system has me looking and feeling better than I have in a long time!
If I can do itYou can too!!
Call and see how simple it is to get started today.

Rhonda Bell 01-09-12