We offer fitness for every budget! Exotic Image Fitness has a full range of completely unique and natural supplements to help keep you on track, keep you productive and keep you well. We can even make custom blends especially for you!

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The 1 Year Basic program features an exercise program that is 6 days a week. You will be put on a supervised, custom diet and will take approximately 5-8 supplements. This is a minimalist program, best suited to someone who is already fairly healthy and not currently taking any medications or drugs.


The 1 Year Signature program is like a fingerprint. The content of the program is dictated by a mandatory complete bloodwork panel, which is used to determine the best diet and supplements for you. Nutritional supplements are customized for you and only you. To reassure you of your success, a new bloodwork panel will be done every 3 months to give you the proof that the program is working.



The 1 Year Custom Blends program is a no brainer for the customer - it is an extremely effective fat loss program in which whole nutritional supplements will be tailored by Ramin himself. The program is based on taking absolutely no pills, only powders. Two of your meals wills will be a customized powder blend and the rest will be solid foods. All of your supplements will be customized in these powders. This program will also include the periodic 3 month bloodwork panel to insure the effectiveness of this unique program.



The 1 Year Anti-Disease program is for people with pre-existing medical conditions and want to come back to total health. The aim is to try to reduce your intake of medications as much as possible, give you a dramatic increase in your quality of life and aid you in pain reduction.



The 1 Year Anti-Aging program starts with comprehensive, specialized bloodwork that tells us how your body has already aged. After consulting with you about the findings, the pathways needing to be i,proved upon and altered are shown to you and discussed. Through diet, exercise and extreme supplementation, your bloodwork will show a dramatic increase in anti-aging markers.


The 1 Year Ultimate Health program is for the person who wants it all and for whom money is no object! Lose weight, get healthy, prevent aging, etc... The dramatic results of this program cannot be overstated. By the end of the year, the person who follows this program will be like another person entirely. Other than extreme weight loss, the massive changes in your bloodwork, proving incredible physical changes have happened in your body, will make the price beyond worth it! Is is also, like every other program, done by natural means. The average anti-aging doctor would likely put a person on growth hormones or IGF-1, which reduces a persons lifespan, but the 1 Year Ultimate Health program will only add years to your life!


The 3 Month Extreme Makeover program is an excellent option for special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc... This is also ideal for people wanting to try out the gym before commiting long-term.